Covid-19 information

Please don’t come to the medical centre if you have travelled overseas recently or been in contact with anyone exposed to Coronavirus. Call us on 07 542 1104.

A new way of doing things

  • In an effort to keep everyone safe we are going to be changing the way we provide care to our patients. All appointments will now be triaged through a Doctor or a Nurse. The Doctor/Nurse will then decide if your concerns can be resolved over the phone, or if you require a face to face consultation.
  • In order to keep all of our patients safe and protect the most vulnerable, we need to reduce the number of people in our waiting room. As such we would ask you to bring in a maximum of 1 support person. Unless the appointment is for your child, please do not bring your children into the practice.
  • Please, if you do not have a booked appointment, do not come into the practice. If you do need to see one of our health professionals, please phone.
  • All repeat prescriptions will be forwarded to your preferred pharmacy. If your preferred pharmacy is Excelsea Unichem, we will take this across for you twice daily. All other prescriptions will be faxed. If you are ordering your prescription online, please advise us of your preferred pharmacy.

We are here to support you during this difficult time so please support us as well.
Do think about engaging with other services first.

You will find many of your questions will be answered on:

Please follow the self-isolation/social distancing guidance.
Please be patient with our staff.

We understand you may be anxious, and we know these are hard messages.
Thank you for working with us.

Social Distancing

This means stay away from places where people gather, avoid mass gatherings and whenever no possible, maintain a distance of at least one metre from each other.
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Other viral infections

Viral infections causing cold and flu symptoms are common, most patients with mild infections do not need to be seen by a doctor. We are not currently seeing patients for clearance to return to work or study after viral illnesses. Read more

Papamoa Beach Family Practice

Papamoa Beach Family Practice has been well established in Papamoa for many years. Our purpose-built surgery at Golden Sands drive offers the highest quality medical care for our patients. Our surgery and facilities are brand new, with state of the art equipment and well-trained staff. We’ve got male and female doctors who are caring and professional and highly qualified nursing staff. Our aim is to help everyone improve their health, well being and enjoyment of life.

After hours service

Call your GP 24/7, phone 07 542 1104. You will reach an after hours clinic once we are closed.
This will be Homecare Medical. You will be provided with advice and information by a registered nurse and they will be able to help you to be redirected for the appropriate service.