Viral infections

Viral infections causing cold and flu symptoms are common, most patients with mild infections do not need to be seen by a doctor. Papamoa Beach Family Practice is not currently seeing patients for clearance to return to work or study after viral illnesses. When they have cold or flu symptoms, patients should stay home, taking paracetamol for pain or fever, taking plenty of fluids and rest and avoiding work or study until better.

If patients are worried, they may have COVID-19, if they have travelled overseas recently, come into contact with a confirmed or suspected case or are a healthcare worker, they can call the practice to arrange a referral for testing. Healthline can give a self-isolation certificate for people that are medically well but are required to self-isolate and have registered with them.

Seeing patients with mild viral illnesses will use up valuable appointments and has potential to waste personal protective equipment when it isn’t required so that it isn’t available to protect staff and other patients when it is really needed. Please assist us in keeping vulnerable members of our community safe by not requiring medical certificates from your employees during this time. In accordance with Ministry of Health guidance, patients can return to work when they are free of symptoms.